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Smart Immune is a clinical stage French biotech company developing a new type of cell therapy: ProTcell. Our mission is to fully and rapidly re-arm the immune system to fight against infections and cancer.


ProTcell technology in short:

- T-cell progenitors-based therapy providing polyclonal T-cell compartment in 3 months vs 18 months in human physiology.

- Thymus-empowered platform designed to provide self-tolerant T-cells not causing GvHD.

- Unique & patented cell culture manufacturing process creating an off-the-shelf scalable production model.

- Large platform potential with innovative pipeline across multiple Immuno-Oncology therapies in haematological and solid tumours (BiTES, Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, CAR-T, etc.) enabling allogenic long lasting clinical outcome.


Smart Immune Quick Momentum:

  • - Promising first clinical data in EU/US phase I/II initiated on acute leukemic patients and severe immuno-combined deficiencies.
  • - Significant investments from blue-chip partners: €23m raised to date.
  • - Strong and experienced management team and co-founded by world leading cell-therapy experts.
  • - First equity investment of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in France.
  • - Laureate of the European Innovation Council (EIC) accelerator funding with a €2.5m grant and an equity commitment to the forthcoming Series A.
  • - Selected among the 20 most promising French Biotech by the French Government: Health20.

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