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EEN2EIC overall objective is to make EU innovation support more efficient by improving the capacity of SMEs to apply to the EIC and by helping Seal of Excellence (SoE) holders finance their projects and to avoid overlapping with NCPs activities.

The project aims to develop a strong cooperation mechanism between the European Innovation Council and EEN in order to support innovation and scale up companies. The focus of EEN2EIC is to empower EEN network offices to support potential EIC applicants, increase the number of quality proposals to EIC calls with a specific focus in:

  • Widening countries
  • Third countries associated to Horizon Europe
  • Women-led innovative companies
  • Seal of Excellence 

The identified focus groups will be assisted to access alternative sources of funding and get a strong and profitable exchange of best practice within EEN.

The Seal of Excellence label means that the companies have been successful in a highly competitive evaluation process by independent experts in the context of the EIC Accelerator. The Seal of Excellence certification demonstrates the high quality and business potential of SMEs’ projects. It allows these projects to have more credibility and visibility towards potential investors.  




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