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Business decisions are driven by data in almost every industry, except underwater where jobs have been done the same for the last twenty years. Nido Robotics wants to change that.


We make underwater robots that are easy to deploy, easy to use, and intended to be used by the staff you already have on hand. Nido's underwater drones enable organizations of all sizes to access a technology that previously was only accessible to a few.


We allow companies from various sectors (utilities, water cycle, agriculture, research) to focus on outcomes instead of products and most importantly, getting the job done such as:

  • general visual inspections
  • cleaning
  • water sampling
  • gathering environmental data
  • mapping


 Our business model, Robots as a Service (RaaS), is a subscription-based model that allows companies to access underwater robots to incorporate predictive maintenance and collect necessary data for a monthly fee that's less than half of a technician's salary.


Benefits of RaaS include, but are not limited to:

  • No initial investment is needed, providing immediate ROI.
  • Predictable costs over time
  • Easily scalable 
  • Zero planned obsolescence

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