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It’s all in a name. ‘Deeptech start-up’ is the new term for a start-up founded on the basis of a breakthrough technology or science which is hard to reproduce and disrupt markets. The development cycles of deeptech innovations often last longer and require more capital than other products. The European Union has spotted this and funded a European accelerator programme for Deeptech startups, so-called ‘DeepTech4Good’. The initiative is part of the Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and aims to help deeptech startups raising their market profile and become a driving force in Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Based on a vision that deeptech is good for society, the programme focuses closely on four IoT sectors: Smart Cities, Smart Mobility (modern travel solutions), Industry 4.0, and Health & Well-being. In total, 200 high-potential start-ups from four European hubs have been supported to initiate collaborative innovations projects, business opportunities and get an access to public and private funding. One of the overarching aims of the programme is also to network and connect up deeptech hubs within Europe.

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