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CASCADE Solution & value proposition

CASCADE has formulated a revolutionary sunlight spectrum enhancement technology that can be integrated in greenhouse films to significantly boost crop growth, crop yield and quality of produce in a sustainable and ecosystem-friendly manner. Our unique disruptive solution achieves this by absorption and conversion of sunlight into selectively enhanced blue and red wavelengths of light. Since photosynthesis requires blue and red wavelengths, enhancing these wavelengths will improve plant growth and development significantly. LIGHT CASCADE® technology can be incorporated into greenhouse film covering crops or glass greenhouses ultimately benefitting growers. 

CASCADE produces photoactive additives to be integrated by film producer at no investment cost. With no change to farmers' existing practices, films manufactured with LIGHT CASCADE technology ensure sustainable solution for crop productivity to secure food production to feed world growing population by:

  • - Increasing crop yield and quality
  • - Securing yields by improving precocity and plant resistance to stresses: pests and diseases, poor weather conditions.
  • - Reducing agrochemicals use
  • - Saving water


More than 120 trials over past 10 years have proven agronomic benefits of around 10% of crop value while the cost of LIGHT CASCADE technology is limited to around to below 2% of crop value.


Competitive advantages :

  • Unique sunlight photoconversion technology to boost photosynthesis in greenhouse. 
  • - No change to existing farming practices (crop farming management): same films 
  • - Low farmers price solution < 2% of crop value. 
  • - Sustainable solution: No hard chemistry, recyclable, water & fertilizers saving
  • - Save water and agrochemicals. 
  • - Precocity
  • - Optimized formulations for berries, tomato, other vegetables :Per crop approach
  • - 10 years of Proven agro benefits
  • - Increase crop yields (~10 %) and fruits/vegetable quality
  • - Improve plant resistance to disease and pests

Barriers to entry

  • - High technical barrier to integrate photoconversion into existing Greenhouse films (based on Polyethylene) : patent + strong know-how 
  • - 10 years of Agronomic trials: more than 120 trials 
  • - Require strong internal agronomy, chemistry and optic expertise


Market size

World protected crop market represents more than 800 000 hectares (world except China), of which 440 000 Ha in Europe and Africa region. This market is growing at a pace of 7% to 10 % per year as crop protection is growing all over the world. 

For Cascade technology, this represents a huge potential market of 1 000 M€ (world except China) and 425 M€ for Europe and Africa, CASCADE launch market.


Validated Go to market strategy.

CASCADE push strategy is to sell at launch to #2 European film producer, AGRIPOLYANE / PLASTIKA KRITIS. The challenge is to create market demand from farmers. This is why we closely cooperate and support AGRIPOLYANE network of distributors and develop joint marketing toward farmers and cooperatives to create  farmers' demand, focusing at start on Spain and Italy, two largest European greenhouse markets.

In 2023, around 100 Ha were installed in Spain and Italy at key farmers and cooperatives that can multiply in 2024.

CASCADE will pursue this go-to-market strategy in 2024 & 2025 to launch its new multiseason technology and expand to Northern and Eastern Europe where Agripolyane already has a strong distribution network. To execute this pull strategy towards farmers, CASCADE has set up an international experienced sales and marketing team (3 persons).

Over time, CASCADE will progressively open to more European film producers that will be able to expand beyond Agripolyane distribution network.


Management Team

 Frederic PEILLERON, CASCADE CEO, Aerospace Master degree (ENSAE, Toulouse France) & MBA (Colombia University, New York City). 

He worked for 3 years at a premium Wall Street investment bank in New York City before taking over a French telecom company he grew up from 20 to 130 people for 20 years. Speaking fluent English, his experience as an entrepreneur in innovation, management, international business development and contract negotiations is perfectly adapted to the development of CASCADE. In addition to his experience of managing  from a start-up to growth stage company, Frederic also has experience in restructuring, crisis management and acquisitions. 

 Kristof PROOST, CASCADE CTO, has a PhD in Chemistry (University of Antwerp) 

He worked for DUPONT where he quickly managed a technical lab. He then became CTO of an industrial company specialized in photovoltaic polymers where he led the development of innovative PV encapsulant products, some of them including CASCADE technology. Next to this he also established the scale-up and industrialization of the high-tech polymer foils, installing new foil extrusion lines and toll manufacturing partnerships from scratch. His technical and scientific expertise in polymer foil manufacturing as well as in R&D team management



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