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Carthera® is a spin-off from AP-HP, Greater Paris University Hospitals, the largest hospital group in Europe, and Sorbonne University. The company leverages the inventions of Professor Alexandre Carpentier, lead neurosurgeon at AP-HP, who has achieved worldwide recognition for his breakthrough developments in treating brain tumors.

Founded in 2010, Carthera® is headquartered at the Brain Institute (Institut du Cerveau, ICM) in Paris, with offices at the Bioparc Laennec business incubator in Lyon and a US subsidiary based in Boston. The company, led by Frederic Sottilini (CEO), works closely with renowned academic institutions in its field, like INSERM, Sorbonne University, AP-HP, Northwestern University, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Carthera® is a clinical-stage company with its SonoCloud® implant that temporarily opens the blood-brain barrier (BBB). SonoCloud® is presently being investigated in several clinical trials in oncology as well as in neurodegenerative diseases.

The company is certified in accordance with ISO 13485 for the design, the development and the manufacturing of these medical devices.

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