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Bitbrain is a Spanish company founded in 2010 to lead the penetration of neurotechnology into our daily lives.

The company has invested more than 4.5 million euros for the research and initial validation of Elevvo, a new treatment to delay the onset of dementia. This is a high-risk line of research, but with very high growth potential. 

Dementia is a worldwide public health priority with no treatment available. The fact that all treatments for dementia have failed in clinical trials indicate that the brain pathology begins years before the onset of the disease and can be irreversible by the time of diagnosis. For this reason, Bitbrain is focused on delaying dementia in patients in the preclinical stages of the disease.

So far, Elevvo has demonstrated its ability to significantly increase cognitive function in seniors with cognitive deterioration, producing a cognitive enhancement of 25% in 8 hours of treatment, and obtaining 2.5 times more effects in 4.2 times less time than any other alternative. 

Bitbrain intends to bring Elevvo to the EU and global marketplaces, improving lives and delivering substantial value for the EU economy. However, successful market uptake requires further development and clinical validation.

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