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The Impact Hub Dar Es Salaam label is a label for African innovative companies with international ambitions that have been selected for Impact Hub Dar Es Salaam programs.

To learn more about the programs, visit the Impact Hub Dar Es Salaam website.


Impact Hub Dar Es Salaam provides support and services to entrepreneurs that includes capacity building through innovation programs offered, a nurturing physical space equipped with tools for rental for co creation, meetings and events, connection to local and global partners and visibility across the country and global. Through the support offered, we ensure that the entrepreneurs have an experience that connect three elements vibrant community, meaningful content and inspiring space. IH Dar also provides consultancy services to various stakeholders in areas of gender and girls education, data, media, art activism and youths civic engagement.  Our experience is in developing support programs for entrepreneurs (incubation, acceleration and escalation) in their different stages of development, social programs and extensive experience in the design of innovative solutions for private companies, public organizations, multilateral organizations. Coordinating collaboration within a diverse consortium of partners locally and internationally. Providing consultancy services in areas of data collection and analysis, gender and girls education in STEAM, media production on edutainment content, art activism and youths civic engagement. Events management physical or hybrid while providing meaningful experience and connections. And mobilizing youths to achieve a common goal that will impact the society through their entities, resources and human power.

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