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Enrich in Africa (EiA) brings together key stakeholders from the European and African innovation ecosystem to upgrade the capacity of incubators and accelerators and benefit entrepreneurs in both regions. It supports knowledge exchange, provides co-creation opportunities, and enables the delivery of quality services for European and African innovators. Join this community to learn more about what ENRICH in Africa has to offer, expand your network, and find partners and investors!

EiA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No 101004709.

Our Goals and Objectives

ENRICH in Africa aims to connect and elevate the African and European innovation ecosystems by exploring existing opportunities and providing value to all players involved. It provides the conditions and infrastructure to maximise potential and nurture community to empower co creation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable business success.

How to Apply

This is a moderated community. To request access, please click the button above. Your request will then be processed by the community administrators. EiA community members will be featured as part of our exclusive group of accelerators, incubators, innovators and facilitators and will thus gain increased visibility to Africa focused investors and prospective partners for their ventures.


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