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Maltivor revolutionizes the agrifood industry while replying to the big issues of today and tomorrow : environnemental, economical, social, sanitary.

In our plant, we produce an upcycle superflour with spent grain, breweries’ by-product.

Our aim is to balance the protein ratio between animal and vegetal sources, nowadays we know that the challenge is to feed everyone on the planet without impacting the health and the planet.

Our solution can help, our ingredients are :

  • tasty
  • healthy
  • scalable
  • sustainable
  • Profitable
  • Positif impact


The company has been created in 2018, Maltivor has growing up and we are 11 people.

Today, we can produce 400kg of spent grain ingredients per day and we are industrialising this production for 2024. We are working on the process to gain on profitability and efficiency with an adaptable and scalable process. In 2024 our production will achieve 2 tons per day.

At the same time, we are working on another range of product: vegetable protein, we are creating a new eco-friendly and scalable process to extract the protein from the cereal at low cost. It will allow us to be very competitive on the market. This new range of ingredients will be high protein from 40% to 90%.  


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