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WaveImplant is a start-up medtech company created in May 2019 to develop and market innovative and proprietary devices aiming at controling the stability of dental implants. Currently, the lack of such monitoring tools is responsible for costly failures crippling for patients as well as for surgeons.

Co-founded by Dr. Guillaume Haiat and Dr. Pascal Breton, the company is focused on the monitoring of dental implant stability which determines the success or failure of this more and more common surgical procedure. To do so, WaveImplant received an exclusive and worldwide license from CNRS covering an ultrasound-based technology developed in the CNRS laboratory of Dr. Guillaume Haiat. In order to start operating, after a pre-seed funding of about 170 k€, WaveImplant is looking at raising seed funds of at least 600 k€.

On the booming dental implant market, WaveImplant is to offer highly competitive advantages and is expecting to launch its first CE-marked medical device (i.e. ImplantUS) by 2023. As of today, according to an ambitious marketing strategy combining out-licensing abroad and direct selling on our domestic market, the total private financial need, prior public listing and growth, is around an estimate of 3.9 M€

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