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Wantotrip is a travel management platform helping content creators and communities to host and manage authentic travel experiences all over the world all-in-one place.

Wantotrip was founded by a travel passionate couple, Makram and Chahrazed (Mak&Cha) who organized, between 2017 and 2019, 20 trips with more than 300 travelers in 22 countries. By the end of 2019, Wantotrip was created and won the Start Up label.

Wantotrip disturbsthe travel market, which isincreasingly driven by digital content and shared experiences, with an innovative platform gathering the three main travel players : 1- Travelers, 2- Influencers and content creators and 3- Travel operators.

Highly scalable business model based on 1- a fully automated process and a userfriendly platform, 2- massive content creators' recruitment and conversion into Community Leaders through inbound marketing and 3- solo and independent traveling labelled by community leaders

Wantotrip aimsto reach USD 30M sales by 2026 with 20% EBITDA margin thanksto a clear and realistic step-based development strategy with yearly objectives

Wantotrip’s management is seeking to raise USD 1M (Pre-Series A) for growth to finance mainly 1- Marketing (Increase the brand awareness and reach a maximum of travel content creators and influencers), 2- Business Development (Sales and operations team growth) and 3- IT and process Automation (level up the platform and increase automation).


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