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Our software and solution remain independent of any underlying device platform to deliver the critical capabilities that Operators are ultimately looking for: access to and secure delivery of premium content, reach expansion, openness thanks to our Cloud/API architecture and audience insights.

Service Providers pay Veygo for the use of the platform through a one-time integration and set up fee plus aaS active user fees, with a minimum monthly recurring commitment.

Profitable since our 2012 inception, with significant references in key market segments and highly competitive fast growing emerging territories - telecommunications’ operator in Middle-East, OTT entrant in South-East Asia and USA, cable operator in Latin America – we’ve also negotiated worldwide agreements with industry leaders such as Harmonic and Huawei.

With 4 co-founders, the management team has extensive broadcast and broadband industry experience within start up, NGO and major corporate entities, such as Orange and Technicolor, in several countries.

Driven by broadband access, devices and conversion rates metrics, Veygo’s market opportunity is set to triple in volume in 5 years, reaching 550 active users in 2022 with 2,000 major deployments running on a worldwide basis. With this traction and the planned integration of AI and Blockchain technologies, we are now looking for a 1st financing step and on our path to achieve a 10% global market share in 2022.


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