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Ted Orthopedics is a MedTech start-up company working in physical rehabilitation. The French physical rehabilitation market is a multi-bilion market and grows rapidly because of aging population. The problem on this market is clearly identified: How do we optimise care with physiotherapists on the edge of a burnout?


Our rehabilitation assistant answers this problem for knee rehabilitation and knee arthritis. It makes the patient more autonomous, to optimise the physiotherapist's work and to allow for remote rehabilitation, from home. Thus, physios will save time, healthcare system will save money and patients will enjoy more efficient rehab period.


The company is lead by a high level complementary team of co-founders:

  • Eric Truchet, medical director, is an experienced physiotherapist and osteopath. He has a PhD in osteopathy. 
  • Luc Thomas, CTO, is an experimented data science researcher. He has a PhD in data science. 
  • Arnaud Pioli, CEO, is a young Ecole Polytechnique graduate specialised in tech start-up business development. 


This team is as skilled as it is ambitious. Our goal is to launch in France rapidly (2019) before going global in Europe (2020) and US (2021), while diversifying our offer to other joints (anckle, shoulder, wrist, elbow).

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