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SPARTHA Medical is a Deeptech company resulting from INSERM 1121. The innovative technology developed by SPARTHA is a multifunctional coating with antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent all types of infections and limit bacterial and viral contaminations. The versatility of our coating allows us to address several markets in both medical and consumer sectors with B2B and B2C product and service offerings. Several medical (orthopedics, wound care, general and specific surgery) and non-medical (cosmetics, electronics) multinationals already trust us. And we are currently expanding into the food, aerospace and transportation sectors.

Our business model is as follows:

1- Service 1: SPARTHA offers a co-development service of custom coating for medical and non-medical device manufacturers according to their specific needs.

2- Service 2: SPARTHA offers coating services on a wide range of medical and non-medical devices for companies that do not wish to internalize the coating process.

3- Products: SPARTHA offers an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory coating in kit form (spray gun + cartridge) for use by surgeons during surgery directly on open wounds. A consumer version of the spray is also under development.

SPARTHA Medical's ambition is to customize the interfaces of implants and products subject to and/or vectors of contamination in order to improve their functionality for a better response to bacterial and/or viral invasions.


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Customised Coating Development and Microbial Testing Service

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