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SonicEdge develops a radically new sound generation technology called
Modulated Ultrasound SpEaker (MUSE). Based on this disruptive technology, SonicEdge develops miniature Speaker-in-Chip devices, which are much smaller than existing products and offer superior audio performance. The principle underlying the IP-secured MUSE technology is to generate and then actively modulate an ultrasonic signal to generate a high-quality audible sound. MUSE is realized as a Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) device using semiconductor manufacturing techniques. SonicEdge’s first product using MUSE technology is the SE1000 Speaker-in-chip. Designed as a speaker for hearing aids, the SE1000 will significantly enhance the audio quality of hearing aids and improve the quality of life of hearing-impaired individuals. The SonicEdge platform will support multiple additional products, which include Speaker-in-Chip components for earphones and headsets, audio,
and ultrasound sources for mobile devices. The company is led by Dr. Moti Margalit, an experienced business executive, technology leader and an inventor of over 70 granted patents, and by Mr. Ari Mizrachi, an experienced marketing and sales executive. The team includes highly accomplished leaders and experts in the technical disciplines needed to complete the development of the product and to get it to the market.

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