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Skypull SA is a renewable energy company founded by Aldo Cattano, Nicola Mona & Marcello Corongiu in 2017.
Skypull’s concept was conceived in 2013 by Aldo Cattano, based on his prior research projects in ultralight planes and wind energy generation. Following the design studies & IP rights protection research, he brought in key personnel with experience in the renewable energy sector to develop the 1st prototypes.
Skypull’s management team has strong commercial & technology domain expertise, consisting of MBAgraded professionals, a renowned aerospace engineer with various patents, a project manager with prior experience in high-altitude wind projects & a business developer with a strong track record of sales across multiple technology sector.
Skypull is presently based in Dino- Switzerland, having its offices and laboratories within its partner AEM’s hydro-electric production plant facility and its test facility by Mount Bar site, where the system is operated for tethered flights & power generation tests.
After having obtained a number of start up awards and prizes, on 2020 Skypull obtained its first venture capital investment from Shibumi International for accelerated development of the technical demonstrator.


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