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SEaB Energy has patented the innovative Muckbuster® and Flexibuster™: compact, easy-to-install, turnkey Anaerobic Digestion (AD) systems in shipping containers. These are being installed globally, directly and through distribution and licensing agreements. Our products are considered a key component in the Future Cities planning process. The main office of the company is located in the Shoreditch area of London, UK, the tech-hub of the capital. SEaB Energy manufactures in the England, EU and the USA. All components of the Muckbuster® and Flexibuster™ are fully assembled, ready to be shipped and quickly installed at your site. Additionally, we team with lab services to provide a site survey , where we analyse feedstock samples from our customers  to accurately estimate how much green energy a Muckbuster® or a Flexibuster™ can produce. The company has taken in external equity funding from Enagas, the gas network operator of Spain and Axon Partners, with LP being a waste company in Colombia. The external board of directors, advisors, sales, distribution and manufacturing partners complement a diverse multi-lingual in-house team.  We currently operate in the UK, Belgium, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, and the USA with additional license holder in Australia.


SEaB Energy's mission is to eliminate unsustainable transport and disposal of organic waste. Our solution instead transforms organic waste into value right at the point of waste generation. The Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster® integrate directly into the urban and industrial circular economy to provide reliable on site waste management in an easy to use, fully automated system. The Flexibuster™ and Muckbuster® systems aim to reduce costs of waste management whilst transforming waste into a valuable resource. They also reduce our client's greenhouse gas emissions from waste management, energy generation, water supply & treatment and fertiliser production, directly reducing an organisation's scope 3 and 2 emissions.


Our customer segments are: Municipalities & Closed-loop communities; waste management companies; corporate customers (e.g. supermarkets, universities, hotels, hospitals, food manufacturers, offices); energy companies; arable and pastoral agriculture. Our solution provides an on site waste management solution and source of renewable energy, reclaimed grey water and valuable organic fertiliser. Recent policy changes and legislation framework are clearly urging all stakeholders to separately collect and recycle organic waste as close to the point of waste generation as possible. For organic waste, AD is the preferred solution to create renewable energy and fertiliser from waste. Our on-site solution has additional benefits of reduced waste transport and management costs, as well as generating revenue from waste.


We sell directly and through our sales partners which include large energy and utility companies. For installation, commissioning and maintenance we have with a global provider of equipment and components from the energy sector. Our control software is offered via a software license, and we continue to work with our customers via our remote monitoring and support contracts.

This business model gives us control over quality and costs, without big working capital needs, and provides the necessary resources for sales and support services​.


Our Flexibuster equipment has been implemented at a range of sites for processing food waste and other mixed organic wastes such as grass clippings and sewage. Our Muckbuster solution has been installed on a horse yard and tested with a range of animal manures and slurries.

In the UK we have installed Flexibusters and Muckbusters for:
- food waste processing at a municipal waste and composting site in York
- food waste and sewage University of Southampton NHS hospital
- food waste and grass clippings at Southampton Science Park
- food waste and grass clippings at a premier league football stadium
- horse manure at Catherston Stud
- brewery waste at Lancaster Brewery
- bread and bakery waste at Warburtons

In Europe we have installed Flexibusters for:
- supermarket food waste in Portugal
- municipal food waste in France
- municipal food waste in Italy

  • - hospital in Belgium (2025)

In the USA we have installed Flexibusters for:
- food waste at a fortune 50 corporate in NYC
- food waste at St Cloud State University

  • - pet food manufacturer (2025)
  • - baby food manufacturer (2025)
  • - food research site (2025)




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