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From 2009 to 2013, it took 4 years and 10 M€ to Airbus group to design SAGES® (Smart Autonomous Green Energy System).

SAGES® is an innovative turnkey solution that produce electricity locally from any renewable energy source while using intelligent storage with hydrogen.

Value proposal is to guarantee, anywhere on the planet and whatever the weather, reliable and competitive electricity without a drop of oil, with one maintenance on site per year only and a 15 years duration time.

Market studies show a multi-billion USD market mainly for isolated sites and communities or sites that suffer from unstable grid.

Whatever customer consumption profile and site localization, SAGES designs the optimal solution and manage it remotely. Its original patented open architecture is able to cope with any source of energy (such as sun, wind, geothermic, biogas, hydropower) as well as thermal generators in an hybrid mode. It uses lithium-ion batteries for short-term storage and the hydrogen chain for long-term storage (electrolyser, physical storage and fuel cell). One of its unmatched feature is its advanced software suite: automatic configurator, system efficiency optimization, remote encrypted supervision with self-learning and predictive high level algorithms that help dramatically increase life cycle. With no more fuel needed and very limited maintenance (once a year) it is a convincing alternative to thermal generators with a huge replacement potential.




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