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PaloServices uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning technologies & cutting-edge language technology to provide innovative ways to monitor & analyze online news and social content in real time. The company presently covers a geography with a population of 120M with the envision by 2024 to expand to Western, Central and Eastern Europe (geographical population of 200M).

PaloServices offers the following distinct services:
Palo.gr: made a revolutionary change in the Greek internet market, as it established an easy & friendly “news-reading experience”. It offers an independent, alternative & aggregated presentation of all Greek-language news, without human intervention through the use of innovative algorithms. Palo news aggregator websites & Palo news digest (mob app) are operated in Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Turkey & Romania. 

PaloPro: an innovative platform for monitoring & analysing the online reputation of companies, brands, organizations & people. It is a subscription service that aggregates all news, posts, discussions & videos from the web and delivers them through a simple & user-friendly navigation environment to the end-user. PaloPro analyses approximately 80,000 documents per hour, while through the use of cutting-edge linguistic technology it delivers high accuracy search results with >95% precision. Also, through the use of the most innovative language processing technology & automatic sentiment analysis, it has >70% success in polarity extraction. 

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