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Nuvap is a pioneer in the management of indoor pollution and promotes the Health of People and Healthiness of Built Environment.

Thanks to Nuvap's solutions, it is possible to detect and monitor, in a simple and comprehensive manner, the presence of both chemical and physical pollutants in workplaces, schools, hospitality and health care facilities or other private and public buildings where people sped regularly several hours per day.

The company's developments are focused on environmental data collection and analysis technologies. Nuvap's technology is protected by international patents, relating to the exclusive combined and constant monitoring of polluting agents in an indoor environment.

The technological partners who helped develop the Nuvap platform come from the Italian academic and research world. The Nuvap devices are manufactured entirely in Italy, as are some sensors such as those for monitoring Radon gas and for measuring electromagnetic pollution, in order to guarantee technological excellence.

The Nuvap engineering laboratories are in Pisa and the sales offices in Milan.



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