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It all started with an idea of eco-tourism in Indonesia where we noticed the plastic and biodiversity crises and we decided to build a specific venture to address both at once, especially in remote coastal areas and islands.

We brought together a solution adapted to end plastic pollution and restore biodiversity by leveraging a decentralized plastic pyrolysis solution → incentivizing low-value plastic collection enabling its transformation into valuable fuel while reducing overall CO2 emissions compared to the mainstream alternative and fostering a more resilient transition for the local economy (tourism, fisheries) and livelihoods. Building this solution as an integrated model with stakeholders from a local ecosystem, we allocate revenue generated to biodiversity regeneration projects such as MPAs, mangrove restoration etc.

We combined recycling tech experts, finance and sustainability professionals, local partners and a global consortium working on decentralized plastic pyrolysis to support the rapid development of this solution.

We aim at building a network of plastic pyrolysis micro-factories across Indonesia, then SE Asia and Africa.

Right now we are fund raising to complete our first end-to-end project this year before replicating and scaling.

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