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Mawzi "Equipment Care. People at Heart."

Value Proposition

Mawzi propels dental clinic management into a new era, bolstering operational efficiency across multiple levels of the industry. By providing a unified SaaS platform, we empower businesses to manage their workflows and collaborate seamlessly, setting a new standard of excellence.

Mission Statement

At Mawzi, we are committed to revolutionising dental clinic operations by streamlining equipment management and championing the well-being of dental professionals. Our platform bridges the gap between dentists and technicians, eradicating fragmented software use and consolidating operations onto one intuitive dashboard.

Why We Exist

The dental industry faces a variety of challenges that Mawzi directly addresses:

  • A generational shift in clinic ownership calls for advanced, tech-forward operational tools
  • Market consolidation pressures smaller practices to adopt more agile and scalable business models;
  • The focus of insurance firms on patient-dentist interactions has traditionally neglected the operational needs of clinics;
  • Stricter regulations necessitate rigorous and efficient compliance strategies;
  • Ongoing professional development and technological investment are critical for competitive edge;
  • Dentist shortages underscore the necessity for optimised operational efficiency;
  • The expansion of service offerings to meet customer demands requires versatile support systems;
  • The consolidation of distributors demands more from after-sales service teams, calling for a proactive and preventative approach to equipment maintenance.


We've secured commitment from distributors through 14 Letters of Intent, which signify the start of Mawzi's influence, capturing a significant segment (40-45%) of the Belgian clinic equipment market and laying the groundwork for an ambitious expansion into over 2750 clinics.

Unfair Advantages

  • Mawzi is powered by a deep understanding of the industry, enriched by fresh perspectives from outside traditional dental sectors.
  • With our CEO’s extensive heritage in the industry, we possess unparalleled insights into evolving market dynamics (youngest board member in the EU dental industry association).
  • Through influential positions in key dental associations, we offer strong ties to the industry and direct access to leading DSOs.
  • Advisors with decades of hands-on experience provide us with a robust network that spans the full spectrum of the dental industry.

Impact on Distributors

For distributors, Mawzi offers a transformative operational advantage, aligning their business processes with the needs of modern dental practices. By simplifying communication and service management, we enable distributors to enhance their service offerings, driving efficiency and satisfaction at every touchpoint.


As a multi-tiered industry SaaS B2B platform, Mawzi is elevating the entire dental sector to unprecedented heights. We are not just a service provider; we are a partner in progress for every clinic and distributor we serve, redefining what it means to be connected in the dental industry.


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