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We, MAKE Bulgaria Ltd., developed and patented an innovative insulation technology called MAKEiS. 

"MAKEiS - Advanced Thermal Insulation Technology

MAKEiS is a new way for thermal insulation of buildings, making the process 3x faster and 2x more efficient, with innovations in high-tech machines and software solutions combined. 

This is why MAKEiS is offered to the market as a service, gathering all participants in the building insulation process - construction companies, architects, owners of the buildings and all the additional services in one place to create a well working ecosystem.

The benefits for all MAKEiS users/subscribers are huge because there is no capital investment. MAKEiS increases turnover, provides new opportunities, does not require heavy physical labor, etc. Building owners receive a quick and guaranteed return of investment.  

MAKEiS is designed to be easily adopted anywhere in the world. This gives it the potential for exponential growth and viral effect.

We at MAKEiS offer outsourcing of machine production, know-how (expertise) and process management to partners by setting up joint ventures around the world. 

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