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We are building an intelligent marketplace to connect individuals and experts in public services, in order to make public services easier and simpler through high quality and low cost services.

Public services seem complex, but they are not for people that understand how they work. K is namely attracting retired professionals from public services with years of experience. This unique approach helps us bring high quality experts to consumers. It also leverages skills retirees have acquired throughout the years, and provides an opportunity for an additional monthly income for a growing segment of the global population.

The main components of K’s current architecture are:

(i) smart and multi-screen marketplace connecting individuals, experts and smart assistants

(ii) knowledge base tailormade for the citizen (and not for officials and lawyers), specialized search engine, and services to help navigate administrative processes, fill in forms, etc.

(iii) "intelligent components": evaluate user’s needs, match them with experts, quality of service analysis (sentiment analysis, alerts), conversational assistants

Users will have to pay for experts and other innovative solutions (individuals, or corporations for their employees, or insurance companies for their clients, etc.). Other services (knowledge base, etc.) will be free. K takes a share of payments made to guides and/or charges monthly subscriptions for some specific services.

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