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Hubware, leader in Professional Assistance, uses AI to help customer support teams to build better answers to frequently asked customer questions. Hubware aims to eradicate painful customer service by making human agents more available for customers at an acceptable cost. Hubware's software development team based in Toulouse, France, is building a Professional Assistance Platform designed for customer service teams using Zendesk and Salesforce.

Hubware’s “Professional Assistance as a Service” connects to the "front-office" customer engagement systems like Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk Support, Talk, Chat & to "back-office" systems of record (ERP, CRM, etc) . Hubware observes how agents and customers interact then through machine learning and data-science our “Professional Assistant” interprets the customer's situation, the question context,and predicts the correct answer that can be sent automatically or be in the form of a prepared or assisted response that needs to be validated by the agent. Hubware's platform is used by client teams to improve and control the professional assistant's learning process. Hubware provides human agents the tools they need to use the maximum amount of personal and contextual information for each response produced by the professional assistant. By creating the human/professional assistant “dream team”, companies are able to drive productivity gains and offer premium customer service.



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