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The company is Austrian high-tech R&D SME with a multidisciplinary team 20+ employees that includes system and data scientists, physical world system modelers, developers of backend/frontend software, and mobile and web app, designers, testers. It has core sales, support staff, own cloud development infrastructure managed from its Vienna office with international experience of collaborated with several large international businesses (Siemens, Texas Instruments, etc.) as system integrator and reseller. GOLEM provides Pharos software for United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as outsourcing partner.

Applying its strong expertise in system sciences, process control, we implemented radically new approach toward making custom Digital Twins running the models of complex cyber-bio-physical systems on our driven IoT/AI/Big Data software platform Pharos Navigator®. The unique innovation allows rapid development of large scale integrated high level applications for intelligent holistic management, monitoring and control of complex real-world systems, operations and processes in different areas such as Digital Health, Enterprises, Energy, Smart Homes/Buildings, Smart Cities, Environment, etc.

Current business activities are focused on finalising SaaS products & services for personal health monitoring and management at smart homes using wearables and IoT to introduce scalable solution to market enabling transition to new generation of digital care ecosystem. 


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