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Our GlobalSolver® procurement system is a cloud-based B2B platform for optimizing and negotiating purchases across a complete range of goods and services. Our advanced mathematical optimization and machine learning algorithms calculate the optimal solution for best prices, quantities, discounts, costs of ownership, sustainable parameters, supplier ratings and other buyer & supplier requirements to minimize purchasing costs and complexity. 

We give our clients - both companies and governments - six proven advantages:

  1. Financial – Significant and measurable cost reductions in the purchase of goods and services.  
  2. Strategic – Increased efficiency and effectiveness, quick adoption of best-practices, a centralized negotiation platform, better risk management.
  3. Organizational – Procurement becomes a key business function to rationalize business decisions while reducing administrative and personnel costs.
  4. Cultural – Greater transparency, accountability and reporting;
  5. Technological – Automated optimization platform allows data-driven decision-making and reporting in real time;
  6. Competitive - Highly configurable and customizable solution for improved inventory control and faster cycles for re-provisioning.

Our system’s robust data algorithms can work through a staggering volume of calculations and can give results that are tangible, understandable and ready to be put to work.


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