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GENOS GLYCOSCIENCE d.o.o., located in Zagreb, Croatia is an academic biotechnology start-up, owned by Prof Dr Gordan Lauc. The Company was incorporated to commercialise the product and enable product launch of the GlycanAge test to the global market. 

Our scientists, both in Croatia and affiliated GlycanAge Company in UK, with a team of world-renowned scientists have been studying ageing and glycans for over 20 years, and after studying over 60.000 people from all around the world we developed a new revolutionary GlycanAge test.

GlycanAge test is a patented, science-based, laboratory test which provides information about a person’s biological age, and can reveal the difference between a person’s chronological age and their real biological age.

GlycanAge test is developed from a blood test. It uses a high-end technology for the analysis of immunoglobulin G glycans, which provide more predictive information than any other single marker of biological age.

The product is protected by both international patent and trademark as the GlycanAge test.

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