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At Food Sourcing Specialists, we are developing advanced food-grade home compostable packaging materials that will help to reduce the use of fossil-derived plastics. We originally developed them for our own brand, groundbreaking sports energy gels, part of our new sports nutrition range. Thus, our packaging business was born out of our sports nutrition business.


We have developed the world’s first home compostable flexible film, injection material and cap/valve for packaging long-life, semi-liquid products. Consequently, we have developed a range of high-performance sports nutrition products made from 100% natural, raw ingredients and we will package them in our own proprietary (patent pending) packaging.


We are the proud recipients of a €1.9 million EU Horizon 2020 subsidy and we secured €904k in 2020 in our first round of investment (against a target of €800k) to co-fund the project.


Our innovation project is built on the back of our existing healthy sports and organic fooddistribution business, founded in Barcelona in 2014, which represents 50 of the EU’s best healthy food brands and has a loyal client base of 650+ businesses with over 2,500 points of sales in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. 


We are a human-friendly, eco-friendly and investor-friendly company. 

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