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Finclude offers a creditworthiness & affordability score that is not based on past credit events but on a person’s financial & transactional behavior. Our score follows the individual across borders, powered by PSD2 APIs.

We enhance traditional credit scoring capabilities with an all-digital score that is based both on traditional creditworthiness assessment, as well as on machine learning models built on top of transactions & spending behaviors.

We have built a data API that aggregates & normalizes financial information from most European banks, through which we interpret transactional data for better credit decisions. We go beyond traditional credit scoring, providing a comprehensive view of a customer’s creditworthiness, affordability & financial behavior. In an essence, we transform vast volumes of complex information into an easy-to-use, digital-first tool to help everyone make better financial and credit decisions.

Our platform is secure, fully automated and with privacy at heart. Through the introduction of our service financial institutions can expand their addressable markets to untapped segments locally like: 

  • Thin credit files or new to the system
  • Non steady income
  • Expats & immigrants
  • Debt restructuring
  • Personalized terms

But also cross-border across the EU with a uniform creditworthiness & affordability score.

This is a SaaS offering and is available both via a web/mobile app, as well as via an API that can be integrated in your existing offerings.

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