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Feonic Vibration Technology, a new start-up has designed an affordable, autonomous, easy fit, easy use,  solid state, long-life product that can be used to monitor and report the condition of the wheel bearings on freight trains using the energy converted from the wheel bearings casing, our initial market target. 

Live trials with Network Rail in the UK have demonstrated the technology potential, and a series of global trials in the USA, China and Europe are planned over the next few months for validation. 

Once Validated the Company intends to seek £3.6m new investment in order to set up productionisation using its existing supply chain to manufacture Feonic Powercell Sensors in the UK for Autonomous Conditional Monitoring of Extreme Machines and Conditions.

Historically Feonic Technology Ltd has specialised in developing & miniaturisation powerful magnetostrictive products & has been producing & selling a range of maintenance free, solid-state audio devices for over ten years under world-wide patent protection. 

Magnetostriction (commonly referred to as the Villari effect) is the change in relative magnetic permeability of the material in response to a change in size, which can also work in reverse to convert mechanical vibration into useful energy. 



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