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Farm4Trade Srl is a technology data company, whose purpose is to develop, produce and market innovative products and services with high technological value aimed at supporting the sustainable development of the livestock sector, through improved resource-use efficiency.We apply AI to animal identification and traceability, as well as to monitoring their health and productivity. Our effort in supporting the traceability of food production starts from offering a cloud-based mobile suite of apps which helps stakeholders to record and manage animal data, track movement and offer animal welfare and productive analytics, that will be transformed into large data sets for predictive analysis to assess production levels, environmental impacts, and market trends. This mentioned Suite of Apps is powered by two AI based technologies: the first entitled PhAID (Photo Animal ID), a contactless biometric recognition system for cattle identification, the latter is called ADAL (Automatic Detection of Abattoir Lesions), an innovative technology that aims at automating the image acquisition process and classification of lesions present on half-carcasses or on the organs of slaughtered animals.
Farm4Trade offers the opportunity to capture data from the whole livestock production value chain (farm to slaughterhouse), analyse it, and serve valuable insights to improve livestock industry practices.

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