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Evercam has been developing camera software for almost 10 years. In 2016 we focussed exclusively on construction time-lapse and in the last 3 years we have broadened this to include site management and dispute avoidance use cases. Our large, annotated video archive and our team of experienced AI engineers are already making great progress on turning video into data for the construction teams. Our successful first-generation product combines Evercam industry leadership with top-notch digital technology such as 4K video streaming, BIM integrations, AI Computer Vision and 3D measuring tools. We have repeat customers, allowing us to operate over 350 live cameras on 4 markets (in Ireland, UK, Australia, and USA where we entered in summer 2020). Our rapid company growth proves the market demand.The exciting roadmap to understand and predict activity and events on site is driven by customer needs.

Having led the move from marketing cameras to real-time, full-video construction management cameras we have demonstrated their value as a productivity tool. We now intend to build and commercialise the next generation of Construction Visualisation Platform: a system enabling disruptive and measurable productivity advantages through passive data capture and timely delivery of mission-critical information.

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