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Eukarÿs is deep-tech Biotech Company of the Genopole of Evry (France). We have developped a proprietary core technology with two main applications, which explains our mixed business model.

One a one hand we develop a radically innovative non-viral therapeutic approach named synthetic gene therapy, which can be used to treat most human diseases while initially focusing on the treatment of liver diseases and cancers. Synthetic gene therapy is designed as safe, non-integrative, well tolerated, self-vectorized, produced at an acceptable cost. Proof of concept of efficacy and tolerability has been obtained for our first therapy.

On the other hand, Eukarÿs also develops high performance bioproduction systems for biologics, including recombinant proteins, viruses and vaccines, and this activity should lead to the creation of an independent subsidiary maturing in 2024.

Finally, our goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the synthetic gene therapy in clinical studies, then to conclude a co-development agreement with Pharma in 2024. To achieve this goal and the next critical steps, our financing needs are estimated at between €18M, with current fundraising round of €300,000.


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