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Epoptia P.C. is a software company specializing in a Cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System called Epoptia Cloud MES.

The company was founded in October 2018 and the software was created from real production needs since the founder was a production manager in a manufacturing company.

Epoptia MES helps Job Shop Manufacturing Enterprises Grow with Confidence.

With portable devices, transforms paper & excel sheets, into a "Smart" factory.

It is a dedicated solution for Big and Medium-Sized Enterprises with Global Presence. Offering a complete suite from execution to manufacturing planning and business intelligence with the use of industrial IoT.

Drives manufacturers to industry 4.0 as a proven industrial solution and as a tool for continuous production improvement. Providing great results in high mix & high-volume manufacturing processes and easily integrating into existing procedures and peripheral systems such as ERPs, machines, barcodes & printers.

With real-time KPIs and historical reporting, manufacturers visualize their factories, make improvements, and measure the impact, while discovering real problems and downtimes.

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