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Endostart was founded in 2018 and acquired a seed investment of €950k which has seen the product development and its CE marking. Currently Endostart has 3 employees with a 6-member board of directors.

Colonoscopy is the reference procedure for colorectal cancer prevention (50 M colonoscopies/y globally), however in 15% of exams the visualization of the colon is not complete. In these cases, a second procedure is scheduled determining a delay of diagnosis and an increase of costs. Incomplete colonoscopy is mainly due to loop formation that prevents colonoscope progression.

Endorail System (ES) is aimed at solving loops and the occurrence of incomplete colonoscopy. It consists of a disposable unit (inflatable balloon guide and ferromagnetic fluid syringe) and a reusable magnetic handle. ES can be used on demand with existing colonoscopes without the need to change current clinical practice.

The digestive endoscopy market is dominated by large colonoscopes manufactures. ES enhances colonoscopes capabilities. This is important not only to accelerate market penetration but also to promote our acquisition by market leaders. The addressable market is higher than 1.8 Billion €. By the 5th year of commercialization a cumulative revenue of €182.7 million will be mainly generated by the disposable unit.

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