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E-Scopics is a MedTech start-up company that “softwarizes” Ultrasound imaging with disruptive technology to dematerialize premium systems. The product is a simple downloadable SW App running on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone that connects to, and controls a smart digital ultrasound probe. After MRI and X-Ray CT, E-Scopics is the first ultrasound manufacturer that leverages AI-based processing algorithms. It completely shifts the paradigm of Ultrasound imaging and optimizes image reconstruction with ultra-low consumption transducers, addressing in a unique way this key issue of all current ultra-portable systems. Furthermore, its innovative software architecture is capable of providing innovative ultrasound features that become “imaging biomarkers” for specific chronic conditions. Non-expert users benefit from these premium capabilities without any acquisition or interpretation expertise. Instead of costly equipment, E-Scopics offers fee-for-service solutions to targeted fast-growing specialty and point-of-care ultrasound markets. Its application-specific Apps are dedicated to clinical conditions and easy to use by any healthcare professionals. They are unique solutions to the huge clinical need of preventive and active surveillance of chronic conditions in metabolic, inflammatory, pulmonary, and cardiovascular diseases. Following a trend in all digital technologies today, E-Scopics’ vision is to pioneer the democratization of Ultrasound with software. 

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