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Domobios is an innovative and fast-moving R&D startup company created in 2013. The company is located in the Brussel Life Science Incubator, Brussel. Its team of 4 people is made up of scientific experts and one manager, specializing in insects and mites living in our homes.

The company’s business model is based on products licensing by third-party. Domobios doesn’t commercialize its products. Therefore, the core business of the company focuses on 2 activities:  

  • Development of products until a first commercial trial;
  • After the PoC phase (technical & market PoC), Domobios licences its products to a strategic partner. Therefore, revenues of Domobios are royalties calculated on the sales of its products by its partners.

Domobios develops and licence insect pest control products. Products are bio-lures, traps luring pests by diverting their own mode of communication or using weaknesses in their behaviour. The traps are efficient, lethal for pests and safe for humans because they contain no toxics.

After the development and licencing of its first 2 products, Acar’up & Acar’up dog, the company finalizes the developments of a new product intended to trap Bed Bugs. Furthermore, the company will have the possibility to capitalize on the R&D of the bed bugs products, especially by developing derivative products used for the control of ants and cockroach. 


Video presentationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl0yIkkZxLc&t=2s



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