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Capsule Skateboards is a Cyprus based company that was launched in 2015 to give skaters an alternative and way more appealing choice. The major difference from the regular skateboard companies is the materials that are used during manufacturing. The competitors are using layers of wood bonded with toxic to the environment glues and resins, sometimes combined with layers of fibreglass or carbon fibre to enhance the performance of their structure.

The uniqueness of Capsule Skateboards is the unique formula of materials that is used. A mixture of polymers is combined to build decks that are waterproof, six times more durable, 100% recyclable and impact absorbing.

Technically with Capsule Skateboards, skaters can enjoy more prolonged sessions since the fatigue on their knees will be fewer thanks to the impact absorbing feature. Also, the benefit to own a waterproof skateboard allows them to enjoy agile responsiveness under their feet for more time. According to a survey over than 50% of skaters are buying more than four skateboards per year but one Capsule Skateboard will last, at least, for one year!

For the near future, Capsule is planning to introduce new products like the only certified toy skateboard for children under 14 years old since our technology is the only that is eligible under the EU Toy Safety regulation, and finally, an embedded sensor system that will track the movement of the skateboard while it rotates, recognize the trick and track a skater’s performance.


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