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BlockTac commercializes authentication and anti-counterfeit solutions based on Blockchain. Our “certificates” and “digital seals” are applied to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, idCards, professional and academic accreditations, artworks and medical records and online voting. We produce a unique identifier for each document or product unit that cannot be copied, suitable for immediate verification with a smartphone. They are used for brand protection against fraud, marketing 1 on 1, and customer engagement.

We also produce a family of autonomous hardware devices (or nanoPCs) that communicate directly with IoT sensors or machines, encrypt the data captured by those devices, and store the hashes in a public Blockchain (avoiding any intermediate server). The data from those IoT devices become trusted and traceable, impossible to change, truly linked to its source. We name these edge computing equipment “Blockchain-of-Things” devices (BoT-d). This innovation becomes the missing link between Blockchain, IoT and AI. Recently, we received the Seal of Excellence from the CE and a Neotec project from the CEDETI.


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