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The company was established in 1993. In its long experience, Barbizon has gone through many areas of economic activity, but the main experience is the innovative approach to the introduction of various products on the market. 
Introducing and putting on the market the first individual purification systems for treatment of waste water from family houses and hotels (2004). This was an entirely new approach for Bulgaria towards ecology, be means of new products The company has, also designed and built Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) for factories and small settlements. There are hundreds of realized projects. At a later stage, this experience has fully grown into a new approach to waste water coming from enterprises having biodegradable waste (2012). An entirely new technology for the whey treatment has been successfully applied. The waste product from the dairy – the whey and waste water - was transformed into biogas that is used for energy supply for the dairy itself. The purified water could be freely released into the environment. In this way, the company has entered an entirely new sector of the market – treatment of biowaste through methanisation and transforming it into RES – biogas, which is used on site in the factory during the production making it more cost effective. 
In the recent years, Barbizon has again introduced an innovative approach to the construction and implementation of a bioreactor for a large dairy - over 300 m3/24h. waste.(2017). 


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