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APPENTRA is a Deep Tech software startup company incorporated in 2012  from a visionary prediction: parallel computing, a programming paradigm that at that time was almost solely used in the supercomputers niche, was the key to reach high performance and it would end up expanding to the entire software industry. That prediction was hard to believe in 2012 but today has become a reality. The expansion of AI, deep learning, big data, and the development of multicore hardware and the democratization of supercomputing capabilities has turned parallel computing into almost the only option that many software companies have to cope with the increasing demand of high-performance applications. However, viewing this reality so far in advance has enabled APPENTRA to develop significant competitive advantages and position the company in the first line of parallel computing space.

PARALLELWARE ANALYZER is a development tool aimed to help developers to enhance their codes by seamlessly creating paralyzed versions or detect errors in any parallel code.  PARALLELWARE ANALYZER is the only solution in the market capable of identifying parallelization opportunities and detecting problems in real-time, that is, while developers write the code. Therefore, PARALLELWARE ANALYZER enables developers in a wide range of sectors to take advantage of parallel computing to create versions of their software 10x, 100x,  faster than their current software. 




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