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Apeiron is a high-tech chemical company providing Nobel-prize winning technology to the chemical industry. We produce catalysts for a process called olefin metathesis, which enables upgrading simple substances into value added products. As we are all aware, the global transition towards circular economy necessitates the development of sustainable processes to deliver value added chemicals in a cost effective way. One of the difficulties in achieving this is a shortage of efficient catalytic methods that can be applied. We believe that we created silver bullet for manufacturing processes dealing with organic compounds.  Our customers have already demonstrated that technology which we offer can bring a tangible and real-life impact on our daily lives and the surrounding world. Till now four of our customers have already launched industrial processes utilizing our catalysts. One of the applications that we’re the most proud of is production a new generation drug for diabetis. Our catalysts have also been used in a large scale production of pheromones for agribusiness for crop protection. The other implementations are production of synthetic musk for F&F and functional polymers for oil & gas sector. Apeiron’s revenues are generated by the sales of proprietary catalysts. We have 66 granted patents in our portfolio, which is supplemented by 46 patent licenses, guaranteeing us FTO to sell our products worldwide. 


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