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Andaman7 is a Belgian American startup that has a pretty innovative approach to solving several problems in the healthcare. CEO: Vincent Keunen's (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincentkeunen) personal story is at the start of the company and is a strong motivator (http://bit.ly/a7vkblogen). Vincent has many years of experience in healthcare with successful health software companies covering 90% of Belgian hospitals and family doctors (+ 1 exit). The team is pretty experienced (meet the team and investors on our web site).

Andaman7 has both

  • a social goal: free for B2C, empowering people with their health data, while strictly respecting their privacy and
  • an economic goal: B2B customers are pharma doing clinical trials (including phase 4 and outcome based studies, virtual trials, siteless trials...) and hospitals/home care agencies needing remote patient monitoring.

We have a pretty innovative combination of a mobile app for patients and a HIP (Health Intermediation Platform) to allow peer to peer (decentralized/no central authority) exchange of medical data. We will also provide services on top of that with partners. The app is already available in 22 languages. The project is ambitious and global.

We are looking for a few strategic investors to finalize our second seed round. We are also interested in U.S. investors to globalize our business.


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