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Publié il y a 8 mois sur la page de l'organisation FUDZS

Revolutionizing Fat Production: A Sustainable Step Forward

At FUDZS, we are committed to creating a more sustainable and resilient food system thanks to cultivation of adipocytes (animal fat cells). Our unique approach allows us to decouple yield from land use and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Producing high-quality cultivated meat with superior taste is significantly dependent on the way we cultivate fat. Fat is a crucial contributor to the flavor, texture, and juiciness of meat. When meat is cooked, the fat melts and infuses the meat with its unique flavor, a process known as marbling. By fine-tuning this process, we can create meat products that have the perfect balance of lean meat and fat.

We are proud to be part of this revolution in the food industry, and we are excited to offer innovative products that not only taste great, but also contribute to a healthier planet. By embracing these new methods of fat production, we can future-proof our food system, ensuring that we can provide enough food for our growing population while also reducing our environmental impact.


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