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The InvestEU portal connects investors and project promoters through a single European platform that offers an easily accessible and user-friendly database of investment opportunities in the EU. The InvestEU portal (the portal) is an integral part of the InvestEU program, together with the InvestEU Fund and the InvestEU Advisory Platform.


The InvestEU Portal enables project promoters to reach investors they might not otherwise be able to reach. The portal continues the work undertaken under the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) and is the EU's online "marketplace" that will connect European project promoters with investors worldwide. It provides more financing options for project promoters.


European and international investors can access this unique and very qualified deal flow through 4 e-pitching sessions per year. For each e-pitch session, at least 5 companies are invited to showcase their businesses. Following the session, investors can schedule 1-on-1 meetings with each entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide selected innovative companies with new opportunities to support their growth on a continental level.


If companies want to participate in these events, they can contact the innovation agency of their country. Investors and stakeholders can contact Cristina Chumacero –


The 2024 epitch sessions will be held on:

31 January - Women entrepreneurs

28 February - Blue Economy


--> Call for applications will be published here


The 2024 investors office hours will be held on:

5 March - ClimateTech - More details here


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