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VIVES is a seed capital fund initiated by UCLouvain which invests in companies developing disruptive innovations with a positive societal impact.
For more than 15 years, VIVES has invested in companies active in all technological sectors.
VIVES is managed by Sopartec, UCLouvain's technology transfer company and member of the Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO).
The four components of our DNA are:


Beyond the numbers, the team VIVES helps you to delve into the reality of the project and to confront it with the market to better understand it. From a blank page, we help you to formalize the governance structure and to surround yourself with the best professionals.


VIVES invests in young high-tech companies, possibly in collaboration with other investors. The added value of the team is also to be a local partner who advises you and support you throughout the development of your project.


VIVES puts you at the heart of a network of professionals and investors that reinforce your development. Joining VIVES is a guarantee of credibility towards your partners, customers, suppliers, banks ...


VIVES brings together shareholders who share, in the long term, the vision on the development of your company. When leaving the capital, VIVES provides the answer that best suits all stakeholders, focusing on quality exits.

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