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BAN Flanders matches entrepreneurs and investors and distinguishes itself thanks to our network of business angels. They provide capital and commitment, so called wise money. They insert their patience, network and know-how in general business or a certain domain.

Business angels – as an entrepreneur – go along very early in your story without claiming a controlling position, without immediately thinking in terms of return or exit. The business angels have a successful career themselves, have extensive experience as an investor and participate as business angels, each time for a limited share, in several companies.

BAN Flanders is supported by the Flemish government and is a unique channel for entrepreneurs to raise their company to a higher level with 'wise money' leading to 'wise deals'.

BAN Flanders is active nationally and has local antennae in all Flemish provinces to ensure fast accessibility. There are also opportunities to expand your project beyond national borders as our business angels are often already active internationally. BAN Flanders had many connections with investor networks and platforms abroad through structural partnerships with Business Angels Europe, EuroQuity, OVO (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs) and the Italian VC-platform Doorway.




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