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Axis Power is an energy services company expertise in, Solar Energy, Cleantech. We are geared to complete the project within the set timelines and look forward to strengthen our relationship with our clients. We are a knowledgeable team that enjoys working with industry leaders and those just beginning their sustainability journeys. We make businesses sustainable and profitable through better strategies.


  • We are mainly focusing on solar power - clear, consistent, growing affordable sources of electricity & promoting GO Green with no global warming pollution and no fuel costs.
  • We strive to work with government and corporate investors to ensure that ecosystems are restored and sustainable growth is achieved through green energy.
  • Axis Power provides full-fledged customized solutions for the successful installation and performance of solar PV projects.
  • We provide energy services to Government/Private/Public sector clients in Zimbabwe along with energy solutions which are feasible both in the near term and over the longer term providing maximum energy as well as financial incentives for our customers.
  • Our project stages comprise of Consulting, site and technology evaluation, management using the already available energy infrastructure, material procurement and logistics, and project design.


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